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Top 5 Must-have Fabrics this Summer of 2022!

With the ongoing summer, it is only a matter of time before the heat will become unbearable for all of us to step out of our homes.

During times like these, it’s obvious that you want your wardrobe to be filled with outfits that are summer-friendly. Right?

Well, you don’t have to suffer anymore when the heat rises, wondering how it is possible?

It is, you only have to be a little bit smart and fashionable and of course, it does not require showing off your skin. Rather than it is about making smarter and better choices that will help you survive this scorching heat.

After all, fabrics play a great role in keeping the sweat at bay and decrease the chances of allergies or rashes if opted for the right option.

So let’s get smarter this time and learn about different types of fabrics that will be your best friend this summer!


Whenever the topic of summer fabrics starts it is impossible that the first thing that comes to mind is not cotton.

You might have observed your mother looking for cotton outfits when the weather starts feeling a little bit warm, or have seen your father replacing his satin shirt with a cotton shirt for his office wear.

All this is the sign and of course, proves that it is KIng of fabrics. But this isn’t just enough.

One of the best reasons for cotton being the most favorite fabric is its properties of passing the airflow between the fibers and making your body breathe which is by the way all-organic!

Have you ever noticed that the odor doesn’t even stay on your cotton outfits?

It is because whenever your body is releasing sweat due to humidity, the cotton fabric is not just absorbing it but also drying quickly.

This does not mean that you have to buy deodorants anymore, it just means that the cotton will increase the aid keeping you away from the problem of moisture staying on your outfit and causing you rashes.

Care tips

  • Among several fabrics cotton is the one that has a tendency to shrink just after its first wash.
  • Always wash cotton outfits in cold water.
  • For drying the fabric, find a place under sunlight as it will help to dry quickly.
  • Never forget to read the instructions on the tag as it will instruct you to know at what temperature you must iron the fabric.


Undoubtedly, linen has made its way to each and every sustainable wardrobe. It is refined, natural, and of course, among the most pleasant types of fabric which can don our summer wardrobes!

However, the price of pure linen fabric is higher than that of cotton, still, it is the most preferred fabric due to its versatility and minimalistic appearance.

Another best feature about it is that rather than clinging to the body during the sweat, it stays inches apart without even looking stiff.

Isn’t it worth spending a little money when what you want is this good?

Care Tips For Linen

  • You can wash your linen outfits in either lukewarm or cold water without adding fabric softener as linen tends to soften after a few washes.
  • To avoid crumbling of fabric while tumble drying, take out linen from the washing machine when it is still damp.
  • Do not iron the fabric as it straightens itself.



As per the general rule of thumb for summer, it is advised to stay away from fabrics that are man-made, instead opt for organic fabrics. But every rule has an exception, and so does this one!

Rayon is also popularly known as Viscose fabric.

Just like other fabrics, rayon comprises fine fibers which once again, let air move freely thus giving you extra comfort!

Depending on what fiber it is blended with, it mimics the qualities of that fiber in summer fabrics like cotton, silk, etc, making it versatile to wear anywhere, also you can find it easily on Fabricolore, India’s #1 online fabric store!

You’ll be pleased to know that rayon is also used for athletic purposes. Marvelous!

Care Tips For Rayon

  • Rayon is an appropriate fabric for summer, however, it is not durable as other fabrics.
  • It is preferred to wash rayon by hand rather than by machine as it can either develop holes or can stretch.
  • Always check the tag on clothes to understand the caring of fabric much better.

Modal Satin

modal satin
With more absorbing characteristics than Cotton, Modal Satin is best for absorbing moisture. It keeps your body comfy and breezy. It is flawless and is best for your everyday wear not just for wicking moisture but because of the smooth finish.

It has a shiny surface on one side and a discolored texture on the other.

You can wear Modal Satin as a formal dress as office wear or a lustrous dress to a party. It is that much more efficient!

Care tips for Modal Satin

  • Unlike other rayons that tend to shrink, modal satin easily retains its shape and can be washed and dried in machines.
  • They need to be washed after each use.
  • Modal satin items can easily be cleaned at home using everyday laundry products.

Kota Doria

kota doria
Perhaps the ever-changing fashion business continues to be explored, but the good news is that we all end up with presents like the Kota Doria, a wonderful and comfy fabric to be donned in summers in this case.

Even though the desire for Kota Dorias is progressively fading, the craft of weaving these Khats in many colors, sizes, and designs continues to be the bread and butter of hundreds of Rajasthani families.

Everyone should constantly dress in comfy and cool fabrics so that you can feel confident and stay at ease.

Care tips

  • During the initial time, dry clean your fabric, but in case you are thinking of washing it at home, then do prefer a delicate wash with cold water, and a mild detergent.
  • Do not forget, after washing do not soak the fabric for more than 8 minutes, as it will prevent color bleeding.



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