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How to Prep Your Skin Before Makeup Application

Preparing your skin before applying makeup is important for achieving a flawless and long-lasting makeup look. By following a good skincare routine, you can create the perfect skin texture that allows your makeup to glide on smoothly and enhances your appearance.

If you do your makeup without prepping your skin, the makeup application may look cakey and may not set on your skin properly.

Here are some amazing skincare steps that you need to incorporate into your routine to prep your skin before makeup application, ensuring that you achieve a radiant finish.


The first step in prepping your skin for makeup is to cleanse it thoroughly. It’s best to use a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type to remove dirt, excess oil, and any residual makeup.

Cleansing helps to unclog pores and create a fresh base for your makeup. Make sure to rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a clean towel.


Exfoliating your skin regularly is vital for a smooth and even complexion. By sloughing away dead skin cells, you get fresh skin for your makeup application. Use a gentle facial scrub or exfoliating brush to buff away any rough or flaky patches.

However, be cautious not to overdo it, as excessive exfoliation can lead to irritation. It’s ideal to exfoliate once or twice a week and not more than this.


Hydrating your skin before applying makeup is crucial for maintaining its elasticity and preventing a dry or cakey appearance. Choose a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer that suits your skin type. Then apply it evenly all over your face and neck, allowing it to absorb for a few minutes.

Moisturizing not only helps to keep your skin supple but also creates a smooth surface for makeup application. For your makeup routine, Get flawless results with Lashes by RK’s reliable promade lashes.


Using a primer is a game-changer when it comes to prepping your skin for makeup. Primer acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup, filling in fine lines, blurring imperfections, and ensuring that your makeup lasts longer.

Select a primer that addresses your specific concerns, such as pore-minimizing, color-correcting, or hydrating. Apply a thin layer all over your face. Make sure to focus on areas where makeup tends to fade or crease.

Eye Cream and Lip Balm

Don’t forget to pay attention to your delicate eye area and lips. Applying eye cream helps to hydrate and depuff the under-eye area, reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

Gently tap a small amount of eye cream with your ring finger around the orbital bone. Similarly, use a nourishing lip balm to moisturize your lips, creating smooth skin for lipstick or lip products.

Apply Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is crucial, even when wearing makeup. Incorporating a broad-spectrum sunscreen into your skincare routine helps to prevent premature aging, sun damage, and uneven skin tone.

Look for a lightweight sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and apply it generously to your face and neck. Allow it to absorb for a few minutes before moving on to the makeup application.


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